Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a public report which an organisation publishes in order to depict its economic, ecological and social success. This report informs stakeholders of the company’s approach to managing its impact and behaviour in terms of profit, planet and people. The bottom line is that TBL can be improved with indoor plants.

Indoor plants improve a company’s profit by decreasing money being spent on building repairs, reducing employee absentee and increasing worker productivity, while attaining and retaining top employees (please refer to Why Use Plants for further explanation).

A company’s impact on the planet can also be improved by using indoor plants. Indoor plants improve the indoor air quality of workspaces and reduce energy consumption by keeping interior air at a comfortable temperature and humidity level, therefore reducing the need for air conditioning and other modern climate control systems. Indoor plants have been scientifically proven to be effective at removing harmful particles and toxins from interior air.

Indoor plants make a positive difference to employees. Since they improve the indoor environment quality of workspaces it logically follows that they aid in the health and wellbeing of staff. They improve quality of life not only by creating healthy air spaces but by also reducing stress levels.

For more information on what has been discussed above please refer to Why Use Plants.