Green Star IEQ-C

Consulting Services for Green Star and Indoor Plants

Inscape has a number of Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAP) who are qualified to deal specifically with indoor plants and indoor environmental quality within the Green Star rating tool. Their GSAPs are able to create an interior plant design for your workspace that will meet or exceed the requirements of the Green Star IEQ-C. Inscape’s GSAPs will be able to run through with you all about Green Star and Indoor Environment Quality so that you will have a better understanding of the process, while explaining to you what is required for you to achieve your Green Star points under the IEQ-C.

Inscape follows the latest trends and has a wide range of exclusive containers that are non-toxic and made from recycled material, making them an apt choice for Green Star projects.

Inscape will provide for you:

  • An innovative interior plant design unique to your needs and requirements
  • A Horticultural Maintenance Plan for your indoor plants
  • A plant replacement regime
  • Plant schedule
  • As built drawings indicating the location of indoor plants and planters

To do this they will consider:

  • Pot size
  • Plant size
  • Soil content
  • Density and location of indoor plants based on points you are wishing to earn
  • Watering and cleaning requirements
  • Service intervals
  • Planter style and colour
  • Access to planters
  • Light levels and water requirements
  • Design efficiency – to minimise maintenance and therefore labour costs

In addition to the points earned from using indoor plants according to the IEQ-C category, if you engage one of inscape’s GSAPs as part of either the design or construction phase of your Green Star project then you are eligible for more points under the credit MAN-1, which is part of the Management category.

Inscape will work alongside you to ensure that they can create a spectacular interior landscape design that meets your needs and Green Star requirements, while adhering to your budget and improving your indoor environment quality. Inscape are here to make the indoor plant hire process simple and enjoyable, with a result that will continue to wow yourself and employees, as well as your clients day after day.