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We create the best interior and exterior plantscape for your business!

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Create a vibrant and inspirational environment with our landscapes, both inside and out

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We Just Love The Business Of Nature

We understand your needs

Meeting consultation

We understand your needs

We create the best concepts for your envirorment

Design solutions

We create the best concepts for your environment

We offer pot & plant hire or decorative containers

Quality products

We offer pot & plant hire,
living walls and green roofs

Enjoy your living plantscape, we take care of it!

Installation and Maintenance

Enjoy your living plantscape,
we take care of it for you!

Exterior landscaping and Green Roofs

Quality landscape will stimulate and inspire your customers and staff.
Inscape can work with you to design and then maintain your landscape.
With ongoing landscape maintenance plants will remain healthy and enhance the appearance of your premises.

Enhance your landscape and enhance your mood. Simply inspirational.

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Your environment

Inscape’s indoor plants can create inspirational spaces that you’ll love to be in.

We can provide you custom designs to match your environment.

Our reputation is built on creating unique,fresh plantscapes for each client

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Our plantscapes and Living Walls

From hotel lobbies, to shopping malls and offices, Inscape’s plants can create inspirational spaces that you’ll love to be in.

We have access to a wide range of plants, ensuring that there is always something suitable
to meet your interior and exterior plant design requirements.

Inscape’s planters  and green walls are not only gorgeous and contemporary but they are also non-toxic
and made from recycled material, making them an excellent choice for any job.


“As green buildings become more and more mainstream, live plants are essential in keeping true-to-the-nature of the green concept.”

“Adding plants to an interior setting is a natural way to provide a relaxed setting for our hotel guests while creating a healthy environment.”

“Interior plants are a solid return on investment and a MUST for any corporation concerned with sustainable ‘green building’ solutions.”

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